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Dear all:

We are glad to announce that in TestNet mode has been supported in our futures trading function. BTCUSDA and ETHUSDA trading pairs are added in the TestNet mode. Users can choose to practice their futures trading skills in TestNet mode before trading with real assets.

Thanks for your support. Wish you a great deal.

ABIT Official


Warm greetings from ABIT:

To thank all project teams for supporting ABIT continuously, we are launching the year-end campaign that provides express listing services at discount for those eligible high-quality blockchain projects.

Firstly, requested projects still need to pass ABIT’s strict review and evaluation for token listing. Following that, approved projects will have opportunities to get 50%-100% listing fee discount according to their achievements in the listing milestones such as new user registration, deposit progress, etc.

The valid time for application is : From now to 23:59, Dec 25, 2020 (Singapore time, GMT+8)

Welcome reputed project teams who are interested to submit their request from:

Eligible projects will be contacted by our staff within one week after we received your request.

Thank you again for your long time support.

ABIT Official


Dear ABIT users:

We would like to inform you that ABIT now has supported THB (Thai Baht) in our OTC trading section (under ‘Buy Crypto’). Users who meet specific KYC requirements can trade USDT using THB under OTC trading.

Thanks for your support. Wish you a great deal.

ABIT Official


Dear ABIT users:

To celebrate the birth of the genesis block of ETH2.0 network, ABIT is going to run a 3-day campaign that allows perpetual trading users on ABIT to earn a total prize of 50 ETH.


During the campaign, all users who participate in the perpetual swap trading of ETHUSDT or ETHUSD trading pair under ABIT’s perpetual trading section, their total trading volume will be ranked by the end of the campaign. The top 15 traders will share a total prize of 50 ETH proportionally according to their trading volume.

Notes and Policy:

  • Campaign Time Period:02/12/2020 17:00–04/12/20 17:00…

From 18th May to 25th May 2020, the CPO of ABIT Exchange Ms. Wendy Ren was invited by multiple communities to conduct AMA webinars and shared the ideas of ABIT Exchange and AB token, as well as some unique insights about the hot topics regarding the current cryptocurrency market.

Each AMA lasted for more than 1 hour, yet some of the interaction were very intense due to time limitation and the enthusiastic audience response. In the AMA with Crypto Daku Robinhooders Community, 80+ questions slipped in within than 10 seconds; 200+ questions were asked in 1 minute during the AMA…

With the technological concepts such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence etc. gradually connecting with our social life, data information has already penetrated into every industry and business functional area. For cryptocurrencies, clearly data information is the core element for investors’ decision making process. A complete trading can roughly be divided into “receiving data information (general market data), data analyzing (processing data), and decisions making (trading instructions)”. To a large extent, data information reflects real situation of the market. Therefore, the method, order, accuracy and fineness of data presentation will affect the final investment decision. … is an international exchange established in Australia. It is officially certified by AUSTRAC, and has a full set of compliance qualifications. Since the platform launched the Beta version, it received enthusiastic response from the users and project teams around the world.

As an emerging exchange in the cryptocurrency trading industry, ABIT is driven by technology, and constantly polishes its technology and product details to satisfy the increasing user needs.

The ABIT technical team has been deeply delved into the field of digital asset derivatives for many years. In the past, it has provided full-site technical support for multiple exchanges…

On Feb 27, 2020, invited the CEO of Lotto9, Mr AK Reddy to conduct an official AMA for all ABIT community members. Mr AK Reddy shared a lot of unique and valuable opinions on both his project and current cryptocurrency market.

Here are part of the questions answered by Mr AK Reddy during the AMA:

User question: What’s your original goal of doing his project?

Answer: Original goal of this project is that lotto9 is community oriented project with a deflationary token model for lottery/casino community and providing fair play games to users which lacks in mostly crypto related…

Dear all ABIT users,

To celebrate the official listing of WDC(Wisdom Chain) on,ABIT now launches this WDC Trading Bonus series activity. Please see details in below:

Activity I:Trade to Win 100,000 WDC

During this activity, all registered users who fulfill trading in either WDC/USDT or WDC/BTC market will be eligible for sharing the total bonus of 100,000 WDC, as long as their trading volume (bid + ask) ≥ 500 WDC.

Activity II:Share to Win 50,000 WDC

During this activity, all registered users who share the activity poster to qualified social media platforms will be eligible for sharing… is founded in Australia, the economic and financial center of south hemisphere.

All core members of ABIT team are industry elites from top entities within corresponding industries and all have rich experience in blockchain and fintech fields. The reputation they earned and market-proven results they achieved will all contribute on building to be one of the most influential digital asset exchanges in the world.

Security and using ease are the most crucial attributes that we never stop pursuing.

The multi-layer network guarding system and multi-signature wallet system can give users all rounded protection for their assets. Beyond that…

ABIT——A global digital asset exchange.

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