A brief introduction of ABIT.com

1 min readDec 16, 2019

ABIT.com is founded in Australia, the economic and financial center of south hemisphere.

All core members of ABIT team are industry elites from top entities within corresponding industries and all have rich experience in blockchain and fintech fields. The reputation they earned and market-proven results they achieved will all contribute on building ABIT.com to be one of the most influential digital asset exchanges in the world.

Security and using ease are the most crucial attributes that we never stop pursuing.

The multi-layer network guarding system and multi-signature wallet system can give users all rounded protection for their assets. Beyond that, the whole website is protected by real time attacks alarming system, so that all hacking attacks will be detected and isolated from the very first line of defense.

Besides, ABIT.com could be the most user friendly digital exchange platform within the market as we believe the most powerful and robust functions shoul be delivered in a simple way. Minimalism is what we insist on. Users can always get what they need in minutes.

Building a globally-trusted digital exchange is not an easy task. We still have a long way to go and we will definitely never stop working hard.