To Celebrate The Genesis Block of ETH2.0. Join Perpetual Trading To Win 50 ETH Prize.

Dear ABIT users:

To celebrate the birth of the genesis block of ETH2.0 network, ABIT is going to run a 3-day campaign that allows perpetual trading users on ABIT to earn a total prize of 50 ETH.


During the campaign, all users who participate in the perpetual swap trading of ETHUSDT or ETHUSD trading pair under ABIT’s perpetual trading section, their total trading volume will be ranked by the end of the campaign. The top 15 traders will share a total prize of 50 ETH proportionally according to their trading volume.

Notes and Policy:

  • Campaign Time Period:02/12/2020 17:00–04/12/20 17:00 (Singapore Time GMT+8)
  • All participants must have completed KYC verification on
  • Only the trading volume under perpetual trading of ETHUSDT and ETHUSD will be taken into account. Spot trading will not be included in the calculation.
  • The final trading volume will be calculated in ETH
  • During the competition, if anyone is found to have any misconduct like swiping volume, mass production of alt accounts, self buy self sell, etc., will cancel its eligibility.
  • Winners: In this competition, the top 15 traders with the highest trading volume of ETH will be eligible to win the final rewards
  • Bonus Distribution:All bonus will be distributed in 5 business days after the end of this campaign.
  • reserves all the rights of final explanation

ABIT Official